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The Minding Our Business Approach

You've defined your company's culture, structured your management plan for success, and placed effective systems in action as your company grows. Although your company is experiencing over all success, roughly 40% of your people are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety than previous years. We work with you to develop long term mindfulness practices to keep your people healthy and your company successful.

Stress and anxiety have always existed, however the corporate environment evolves at a much faster pace today with the rapid increase in technology and global communication paths. American adults spend over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading or generally interacting with media. This significant amount of screen time has resulted in higher stress and anxiety levels than past decades. We deliver mindfulness progams that educate people on the effects of daily stress and the positive counter impact of a daily mindfulness practice.

A business is as sucessful as the physical and emotional well being of their people.

Our Services

  • On Site Chair and Gentle Yoga Classes
  • Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Mindfulness for Leadership and Team Development
  • Mindful Movement for Physical and Emotional Well Being
  • Keynote Conference Speaker
  • Leadership Workshops and Retreats
  • Human Resources Consultant

Minding Our Business will partner with you to co-create a program that will improve your employees concentraion, listening and over-all communication skills, decision making, and phyiscal health. Through our collaboration you will receive specific progress tracking to hold each other accountable for lasting, successful results.

Who We Serve

"Wendy Cook has had success in the corporate environment and as an entrepreneur. Her introspection and ability to empower others positively through mindful practices is the result of her extensive experience in the yoga and mindfulness field. She has contributed as an HR Consultant and led Mindfulness for Leadership and Team Development multiple times since 2016. Even within successful companies anxiety, stress, and pressure are ever-present,. Wendy delivers education and practical minfundlness practices that give balance to the demands of work and home. The methodology is a compliment to traditional styles of leadership programs."

Allsion Cox

SVP Talent Management and Leadership Development, Simmons Bank


Woodland International Research