Big Rock Yoga's mindingourbusiness offers the benefits of yoga through on-site yoga programs and discounted corporate individual rates in our 2 Little Rock locations. Our mission is to empower your employees through the practice of yoga to identify what areas of their life need transformation to create whole health and well being. On-site programs and studio classes utilize meditation, physical movement, and self inquiry to create changes in all areas of each individual's life.

A regular yoga practice of 1-3 times a week will create balance in physical health, strengthen listening skills, develop stronger inter-personal communication skills, and the ability to achieve both personal and professional goals.

We inspire people to fulfill their purpose of making a positive difference for themselves and others through the physical practice of yoga.

$50/month per employee for unlimited classes at both Little Rock locations is available when your business offers our discounted rate as part of a human resources wellness offer to your local business or larger corporation.

Yoga makes a difference for each individual:

  • Overall health benefits including weight loss, lower blood sugar, balanced blood pressure, improved digestion, full nights of sleep, relief of chronic joint pain.
  • Increased strength and range of motion
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • An increased sense of self trust and connection to others

mindingourbusiness "makes a difference" for each work place:

  • Decreased absenteeism and sickness levels
  • Increased productivity, motivation, and work performance
  • Improved decision making and creativity
  • Improved morale, job satisfaction, and positive thinking patterns


Tailor Your Program!

Tailor the program that meets your employees needs from the following:

  • Corporate empolyee rate that include both of our Little Rock studio locations
  • 45-60 minute weekly meeting at your business location
  • Pick the time of day that works for your business
  • Introduction to meditation
  • Introduction to breathing techniques
  • Education of the physical practice of yoga
  • Communication skills through essential listening
  • Weekly empowerment emails with the week's intention, physical focus, meditation, and self inquiry

Each mindingourbusiness program is tailored to meet the needs of the individuals and company needs.  

mindingourbusiness content is created by Big Rock Yoga founder and E500 Hour Certified Teacher Wendy Cook.  Wendy has 12 years of teaching yoga, 2 teacher training schools certified with Yoga Alliance, and is the founder of Big Rock Outreach (a 501(c)3 charitable organization).

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