200 Hour Module Descriptions


Shift Your Practice and Vision

a purposeful practice and life

Each particpant in the immersion will shift into a new awakening through a commitment to growth on their mat, in the training, and in their life.  Through non-traditional yoga exercises each participant will create a new way of listening and viewing themselves, strengthen their personal yoga practice, deepen their personal relationships, and connect to their larger community as an empowered teacher in the Big Rock Yoga Methodoogy.  

Teach from the Fundamentals

knowledge, discovery, and communication skills

Module 2 will educate and give experience to teach others through clear communication in alignment from the ground up, modifications, and transitions that move students forward in their practice.  In this module we wil explore the healthy effects of proper alignment through anatomy, as well as the strengthening and opening of the body through physiology principles.


Transform Yourself and Others.

a leadership program

This module will give the tools to transfom yourself through matching your spoken, written, and inner words to your inner vibrational "YES" giving you access to bring your dreams into reality as a student, teacher, and person of life.  You will receive the communication skills to educate and empower others into their transformation.  From your personal experience you will learn to create, teach, and lead an empowering class from intention leaving your students with a transformed practice and life.

Live and Give

the power of flow

Immerse yourself in yoga as service through this module designed to give each participant a deeper experience of self trust and self love to then LIVE and GIVE back to your commUNITY.  Paricipate in the heART of Assisting to learn true energetic connection and hands on assisting.  You will also actively create and lead a local outreach class to LIVE out your practice off the mat and GIVE to others as service.


Big Rock Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training is offered through weekend modules, weekday/weeknight sessions, and week long summer immersions.

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