New Students




Welcome to Big Rock Yoga.

 Your transformation started NOW! Whether you are new to yoga or new to Big Rock, we are excited you chose to join us! You already have everything within you for your first class to be amazing, but to help out with the practical stuff (like when to come and what to wear) please read our FAQs

 We are ready to meet you on your mat in one of our Beginner Student options listed below. Please see the schedule for Rodney Parham and Downtown for specific days and times.

Level 1 Educational and Instructional | Level 1

This class is for those that like to learn and then apply into action. It is also a perfect entry into the studio through a class that is designed educate and build your confidence. Learn the actions of your body while learning the details of yoga alignment to create yoga practice that gives you success. The teacher will educate you in an environment intended to offer yoga with no intimidation. Yoga often requires you to take a leap into the unknown and trust in new ways. Our teachers are here to support you in that leap of faith.  

Level one class is the gateway to Level 2 and 3. Create the knowledge, strength, and flexibility to enjoy a more experienced level class in the near future.

Yoga Basics for Beginners | Level 1

New to yoga, simply coming back to body movement, or balancing the intensity of your practice...this is it! Let us introduce you to yoga through a sequence designed to create healthy range of motion in all your joints, strengthen your core, connect you to your foundation for balance, and revitalize your energy for everyday life! Use the education and opening of your body to access our Power classes or combine with Restorative Flow and Power Vinyasa Yoga to create a healthier, happier YOU...your CHOICE.

Restorative Flow | Level 1 

Restorative Flow is intended to move you through a gentle series of movement guided by your breath, gentle vinyasa flow, for 20-30 minutes. The remainder of class with be poses with longer holds intended to unwind your mind and body. While many of our other classes have a muscle strength building aspect, this class is intended for you to let go and unwind through your breath work, gentle movement, and longer holds on poses that open the body. It is a great compliment to Yoga Basics for Beginners and our Power Yoga classes.


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