Beginners 4 Class Series

Why Big Rock Yoga Works


Sundays 3:00pm  |  Mondays 10:00am  @Rodney Parham

Mondays 12:30pm @Downtown

Start Any Week!

Beginners Yoga is for the person brand new to yoga.  Whether you are sedentary or active, you will build a foundation in physical alignment and discover for yourself the benefits of yoga from the very first class!

This 4 class series is offered at both Big Rock Yoga locations. You may enroll anytime to take 4 consecutive weekly classes to learn the 4 Essential Actions of Big Rock Yoga.  Each class is 45 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a water, and a mat (or rent one from our studio).

Each class will have a focus on educating you on one of the Four Essential Actions while practicing a beginners sequence:

  1. breathing technique used in physical practice (Ujjayi)
  2. how to create focus (Drishti)
  3. specific foundation actions (Hands and Feet)
  4. the actions that create stability in all poses (Bandha)

These 4 Essential Actions give access to the gifts of yoga including flexibility, lower stress, strength, toning, a renewed sense of vitality...AND, a new level of health and power to live life from off the yoga mat.

$40 for 4 sessions.

*monthly unlimited memberships or class passes available for additonal cost


Partner Stretch

a Thai It Up event with Jessica Tolliver, LMT and Body Movement Coach


1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month @ Rodney Parham studio


Partnered Stretching is a series of techniques that can help improve flexibility, improve range of motion, and increase overall mobility. Each unique workshop is designed for the ultra beginner and can be modified for any fitness level. No prior experience is required and all moves can be modified for your personal skill and fitness level. A Body Movement Coach will help you understand the mechanics behind the movement to ensure maximum benefit.

Partnered Stretching can help you meet your goals for overall wellness as well as help you reach your personal fitness goals in yoga, crossfit, rock climbing, whatever! Release tension, relax, and relieve your aches through partnered stretching.

Wear comfortable clothes suitable for stretching, bring a yoga mat, and recruit a partner (or connect with someone in class).

$10 Enrollment Fee

Sign Up through our app or in studio.




The BIG Bird Burn

Detox before you re-tox on leftovers!

with Wendy Cook


Friday, November 24th  9:00am


Detox the holiday food and stress in a 90 minute Baptiste class designed for ALL LEVELS.  Experience the benefits of forward folds, down dog, and twisting in a new way to sweat out the BIG Bird, Grandma's dressing, pumpkin pie, the in-law you didn't ask for, whatever!!!

WHEEL You or Won't You?

a wheel workshop


Sunday, December 3rd  1:00-3:00pm

Rodney Parham Studio

Wheel you or won't you let our first Big Rock Yoga 500 Hour trainees lead you through a yoga wheel workshop?  If you have been in wonder of how a yoga wheel could enhance your practice or simply ready to play with the wheel to see what happens, this workshop is for you! Discover fun new ways to explore your favorite yoga pose, fall in love with a challenging pose, or use the workshop to start your yoga journey through modifications!

Big Rock's Vesper Tierney Potter, Shauna Wood, Catherine Burton, and Susan Toone will lead with guest teacher Leslie Dawson of Springfield, MO. All 5 are 200 Hour Certified Teachers and members of the Big Rock Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training...AND ready to teach you through demonstrations, partner work, and hands on assisting.

Enrollment includes 2 hour workshop, take home instructions, and use of in studio wheels. All participants may order a wheel at cost the day of workshop to be picked up at Big Rock Yoga Rodney Parham studio by December 20th or as estimated shipment by the vendor.

Enroll now through November 14th for $35.

Enroll November 15th-December 3rd $60.