30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge

healthy living inside and out

begin August 6th

Wendy Cook, Arbonne Independent Consultant

With Arbonne you will recieve  plant powered, nutrient rich products that are cleaner for better results, following a strict indredient policy that is always gluten-free, vegan, and formulated without GMO indredients. Eat in proper portions with the Arbonne Essentials, ASVP to create healthy living inside and out. The 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge comes with guidance from your Independant Consultant and a Facebook Private Group for education and support. email for more information or to enroll.

New Beginnings

Healing the Impact of Divorce through Yoga


Mondays* | 12:30-1:30pm | Downtown YMCA Studio with Wendy Cook | E500 RYT

Tuesdays* | 7:30-8:30pm | Rodney Parham Studio with Wendy Cook | E500 RYT

*Womens group meets the second and fourth Monday/Tuesday of the month. Mens group meets the first and third Monday/Tuesday of the month. BRY is supports same gender marriages and asks that you call to discuss which group will give you the security intended for the gender division.  Each participant must be pre-enrolled to attend. No one will be allowed to attend as a walk in client.

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The many reasons for divorce take place a significant time period before the actual seperation and divorce. Through the practices of yoga this bi-monthly workshop is designed to guide you through your journey of healing the emotional, physical, and spiritual impacts of living in an unhealthy relationship and creating closure for a new beginning. You will learn and discover for yourself how to begin again with an intention to live a life full of new healthy possibilities. Women and men will attend separate session with an option to attend together each month that has a 5th week. The gender-specific sessions will allow a safe place to learn and heal, by using mindfulness practices that will help you identify repeating patterns that are unique to your life. The 5th week classes will allow you to learn how the "other side" experiences life, relationships, and divorce. All aspects of the monthly sessions have the intention to lead you to a new awareness of your own expectations and boundaries for the future, and to guide you while you discover how to create your new relationship to life through the practices of yoga.

Ending a sacred relationship through divorce impacts everyone in your life. The intention of the workshop is for you to fully explore the impact of this decision on yourself, your spouse, any children involved, and everyone else in your life. The education is important whether you are choosing divorce yourself, your spouse has chosen this for you, or you are mutually in agreement. Growing awareness on the impacts of divorce is important whether you are considering separation, are already seperated, are in the process of divorce, or are already divorced. It may even be beneficial for those divorced that have remarried and who are in an unhealthy relationship similar to their first marriage experience.

Each week will include an introduction to the life changing ethical practices of yoga. These practices allow the practitioner to cultivate new virtues necessary for a peaceful, enjoyable life. We will start with "you know what you know" to bring awareness to your positive and negative character traits. Then, we will move into "you don't know what you don't know" to create new awareness. That will be followed by your choice to explore a new life while implementing your new knowledge for new life experiences with support.

The ethical practices will be explored both on a yoga mat and in group education through a discussion style format. Each session will open with a 5-10 minute educational aspect on the chosen Yama or Niyama of the week. Second, is a 30-35 minute mindfulness practice will then be led. The remaining 20 minutes will be a time for self inquiry practices and group-led discussions on how to apply in your life what you learned and discovered.

The class is intended to allow you to find new physical health, mental clarity, and a peace in all aspects of life.

We ask that you commit to 4 sessions over a 2 month period. The price is $100 for 4 sessions.

We recommend that you practice physical yoga at a local studio of your choice. Your Big Rock Yoga membership will be an additional $70 for an unlimited month of classes with our highly trained and experienced team of teachers. If you do not choose Big Rock Yoga for any reason, we are happy to help you find a yoga community that fits your lifestyle.

Discover Your Natural Rhythm

a southern spain yoga retreat


September 16-23, 2018

In the southernmost region of Spain lies UNESCO-protected Grazalema Nature Reserve, home to 5,000-year-old ruins, wild goats, carob trees, and the setting for our latest Big Rock Yoga retreat with Big Rock's founder Wendy Cook. Together, we will embark on a  soulful adventure through Andalusia, “the land of light,” in pursuit of that which connects us to our natural rhythm. Wendy will lead us through daily practices and workshops steeped in yogic wisdom with the intention to bring awareness to each individuals natural rhythms. We will "give light" to the deep intuition of the body and build better habits for daily living.


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Big Rock Talks with Ozark Outdoor Supply

Big Rock goes hiking in 2018 as a commUNITY


TBA | Rodney Parham

You can find Big Rock Yoga's founder, Wendy Cook, connecting to spirit on many of these trails. The practice of yoga happens off the mat too! You are invited to explore if hiking is an avenue for you to play in nature and join us as a commUNITY off the mat.

Justine of Ozark Outdoors Supply will be giving us all the needed education and details on day hiking equipment. What is needed. Why it is needed. How you will use it for a day hiking trip.

Day hiking is a perfect way to introduce yourself to hiking in the Natural State of Arkansas...or join us for one of our upcoming yoga and hiking retreats. This year will include hikes within an hour of Little Rock, Ozark trails, and a Spain retreat.


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