What's Our Mission


Educate. Inspire. Empower.

Our mission at Big Rock Yoga is

 to educate you in all aspects of yoga.

 to inspire you into a new vision of yourself on the mat and expand from that into the life you dream of.

 to empower you to BE your highest self and reach out from that new way of being into your world!

 We teach Big Rock Yoga because it’s full of connection, strengthening, educational, playful, grounding, and life atlering! You are invited to join Big Rock Yoga and connect with like-minded people as we create commUNITY that is built  a rock, reaching out, and leading life at it's fullest. Come roll your mat out, see a new vision of yourself, feel re-newed, and BE the person you dream of being for this beautiful world...all with a commUNITY of support!

 We will hold a vision for a healthier, happier you...

                                and empower you in your vision through the practice of yoga...

                                                                                                      ...until YOU ARE EMPOWERED!