Big Rock Yoga Founder

Wendy Cook

Founder and Owner


a group of people with a common interest living together within a larger society.


Although we are each drawn to yoga for unique reasons, each of us comes to yoga to create a desired change.  You come to lose weight(fit into your skinny jeans), de-stress(have a few less break downs), create flexibility(stop the lower back pain), gain strength(take a stand for your beliefs), maintain balance(move with purpose), find peace(connect with others), or one of many other results yoga can create.  

 What may look like differences is actually the same…to be the change you desire.

 Our common interest, “to be the change”, is the core of Big Rock Yoga’s mission and creation of healthy, connected communities.  We each enter into our yoga practice and create our individual new way of being.   Then we emerge as a community connected in our desire to create a world that “is the change”…a new world of POSSIBILITY!

 From our individual desire to create a better way of living we expand out and connect to the larger community of our local city, state/region, nation, and all the way out to our expansive global community!  

 Get on your mat today and “be the change” you desire!

 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Ghandi