Private Yoga


Break It Down to BREAK THROUGH

Perfect for the beginner or those that are READY to BREAK THROUGH to a new level of health.  Align your body to create your most powerful YOU!  

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Receive the tools to access a powerful yoga foundation through the break down of each pose within the Journey into Power sequence.  You will start with the sun salutations and work your way through select pivotal poses in a series of private yoga sessions.

Private yoga is designed to give you the safe space to learn and explore the benefits of yoga.

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Private Rates:

1 session with Wendy $100

1 session with Staff $60

4 sessions with Staff $200

Private yoga sessions are to be coordinated with a specific staff member for a day and time the studio is available.  All private session sales are non-refundable. All sessions require a minimum of 24 hours to reschedule at no charge.  The session will be charged to client, if cancelled within less than 24 hours.